I want to open this important section by inserting the preface to the book "Il Cane Corso" (Giuseppe Chiecchi Giorgio Gualtieri - 1993 - De Vecchi Editore) because written by the then Vice President of SACC.

The paragraph above gives, inter alia, a masterful interpretation of the term “rustic”, term on which it is recently getting a bit of confusion.

Allow me, then, a personal suggestion, which is also a motivated invitation for those who have the desire and the good fortune to own a Cane Corso. He demonstrates, for attitudes, spontaneous reactions, weighted behaviors, the great service offered to men, beasts and things, in the slow succession of works and days. The Apulian call all this: rustic (sum of traditional uses and natural selections).

The Cane Corso is a multi purpose dog selected for centuries (for thousands of years, going back up to Canis Pugnax Roman) exclusively based on utilitarian principles in rural realities in which people had to deal with the daily rigors of a hard life and certainly did not have neither time nor resources to spare, a hard life has forged a dog ductile and tough, living legacy of our past, still able to enter fully in modern society also maintaining its characteristics and attitudinal character. But what are these features? We assume , supported among others by Dr. Flavio Bruno of the County of Molise , the existence within the Cane Corso breed , sometimes within the same litter , of 3 different sizes , each used for different purposes , where the larger size was designed to guard duties , and defense of property , the smallest ( often with more predatory and more nevrilit ) to the big game and the intermediate size generally a bit for both tasks , of course, always in compliance with the predisposition of the individual subjects . So the cowherd needs larger dogs and boned , able to manage cows and bulls ; goatherd the needs of dogs agile and resistant i able to climb to the goats together on inaccessible slopes ; swineherd the needs of dogs in certain able to handle pigs and sows even in dense undergrowth in which are set to " graze " during the day; to guard the haystacks were put dogs fawn or formentino able to blend in with the straw and blacks were dogs instead intended to guard property to deter the attacker to day and be very visible at night.
What you should expect an owner of Cane Corso rustic by his dog?
If the dog comes from rustic lines, the novice owner will take home a puppy naturally predisposed to the guard and to the defense of property, a feature that will begin to manifest already instinctively toward the four / six months of age. The propensity to defend the property extends naturally to the owner and the whole family, as long as the dog is not left in the garden (the Cane Corso needs to be able to move and a garden or a land available are recommended, unless wanting to absorb as the burden of long daily walks), but to be included in the family of which it will become an active member in its own right thus manifesting its full potential. This is definitely the starting point, but the Cane Corso is an animal with a faceted character, particularly, reserved, to discover day by day. So how many breeds have high obedience intelligence, the Cane Corso has a high adaptive intelligence and instinctive and will adapt to situations demonstrating, as they say in the South, to be a dog with "knowledge and belief", the Cane Corso is a dog that you need to learn to trust, because his reactions will be (even without specific training) always commensurate with the situation and never excessive, because they rely on a "ancestral knowledge" that is part of his genetic makeup. He is and remains a very intelligent dog and therefore trainable, but its strength lies in being able to manage his own free will to the new situations that come his way, learning and knowing how to adapt. Never expect, therefore, a dog "remote controlled".
Despite being a dog with a powerful physicality and an awesome potential, proves to be very reserved and measured in its manifestations. Dodge cautiously petted by strangers, turning around to measure them, never aggressive gestures if not, at the urging of the owner or on well-founded need. Some dominant subjects will also come from strangers to refuse food and water, which is useful to avoid the dangers of poisoning by malafide persons. All this, of course, refers to a rustic Corso, properly socialized and handled, and you will not see and do not live just picked up the puppy, which must be free to be able to make the puppy, to explore the surrounding environment, to learn its successes and its mistakes, to learn even for mimicry and imitation, by other animals or by the owners themselves.
The Cane Corso is a molosser that grows slowly and can be considered "finished" in his character not before his first year, year and a half old, and will continue to change physically (not as high, but as "diameters") even up to four years of age. The Cane Corso is not a dog for impatient people, indeed give the best of him with calm and self-confident owners. It is not a dog for "bullies" because it does not threaten never at random, does not exceed in events just to show off and be seen, not a show dog, but if he set off, set off to finalize, in the case of extreme necessity, and its intervention is terrible.
As I have already said, is not a dog for everyone. But it is a special dog.

We end with a small excerpt of an interview that expresses the deepest essence of the Cane Corso:
Interview with Dr. Flavio Bruno (Workdogs Magazine - November 2001)
“D. - If you were to choose the feature that best represents the deepest essence of the Cane Corso which would you choose and why??
R. - Talking to the people who use and are familiar with the Italian mastiff breeders and older, I can say that the characteristics that we look more in addition to the large athletic prowess are the moral qualities.
The deepest essence of the Cane Corso is his character, his way of being.
It was said, and so also the learned men wrote:
It is an absolute property of his master, knows how to adapt to the circumstances and needs of the owner, will recognize it, defends and remains faithful unto death is her jealous guardian, is the defender of the death of the owner. The Cane Corso does not think about nothing but the life of his master, spy the moves of the people who does not know to prevent and stop any act of disrespect against him. The Cane Corso emerges in the canine species for athletic constitution and for the courage. It has a superb expression and proud, is revealed in every case very fond of the man so often expose his life to ensure that of those who possess it. is called "command dog” and does not obey anyone except the owner. So the deepest essence of the Cane Corso are its moral characteristics and its history.”